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One of the most essential attachments included in the ignition system of a popular SUV is the Subaru starter.

This small part provides the car's start, spins the flywheel of the crankshaft, receiving the converted energy from the battery.

The efficiency of starting the car on any road and climatic conditions directly depends on how reliably and efficiently Subaru starters work, what service life they have.


How it works

In general, each starter for the Subaru outback works according to the same principle, which applies to all similar components.

After the starter relay closes and the electrical circuit is turned on, voltage is applied to the traction relay, which activates the relay gear and its interaction with the flywheel.

The starter spins the flywheel to start the engine and then disengages from the flywheel.


 Correct solution

Despite the high reliability and durability, a unique operational resource, the Subaru Forester starter may fail after a specific time.

But breakdowns can happen earlier. It all depends on the level of car care, timely maintenance, repairs, and the operating conditions of the car.

In any case, when the first malfunctions of this important part appear, a Subaru starter replacement may be required.

Obviously, the need to use only original spare parts. The main thing is to know where you can buy a Subaru starter in the USA with a quality guarantee and at an affordable price.



In our online store, you can easily find suitable parts for your vehicle. The catalog contains starters for all popular brands in the USA, including the Subaru Legacy starter.

To order and purchase a Subaru Impreza starter on favorable terms, fill out an application directly on the website, or contact the manager for detailed advice.


We guarantee high quality of spare parts.