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Komatsu Starter Motor

Komatsu company specializes in producing a wide range of special equipment and developing diesel engine models, providing work of bulldozers, excavators, loaders, etc.


An essential part of the ignition system

The Komatsu starter motor is a direct current electric motor that starts internal combustion engines (ICE). In the course of daily use, an increased load falls on this part.

In order to ensure the start of the diesel engine, it is important that the Komatsu starter runs smoothly and flawlessly.

At the slightest fault manifestations, failure in operation, or complete failure, it is important to take steps to acquire spare parts and repair services, and if this is impossible - to completely replace Komatsu starters.



In our specialized online store offers a wide selection of starters on the technique of the popular South Korean brand.

All samples are presented in the catalog with descriptions and basic technical characteristics.

This will allow you to accurately select exactly the Komatsu starters that are needed for a particular type of vehicle.

A warranty covers all parts. After payment of the order, prompt delivery is organized.


The benefits are clear!