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Freightliner Starter Motor, a wide selection of quality parts


American Freightliner vehicles are powerful, reliable trucks that are increasingly seen on US highways.
The vehicle design uses parts, units, and assemblies with an increased safety margin.

One such part is the Freightliner starter.
This small compact unit is a DC generator, but the primary purpose is reliable and trouble-free starting of the engine, regardless of any external conditions.


Various options

A number of parameters classify Freightliner starter motor, and they must be taken into account when choosing a particular brand and model of the vehicle (according to the type installed on the truck of the power unit).


They may differ from the following parameters:

- power;

- supply voltage;

- the number of gear teeth;

- landing sizes.


 It is important to remember that obsolete direct drive starters, which were previously actively used on trucks, are now almost completely replaced by the gear-type Freightliner starter.

This must be taken into account when deciding to purchase, for example, the Freightliner Cascadia starter, as well as other models of trucks.



In our online store, you can order and purchase any parts of the ignition system for American trucks. It is here that each customer is guaranteed high-quality spare parts and a favorable Freightliner starter price. If necessary, the company manager will help you choose a starter model and brand according to the car brand.


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