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OBB Starters and Alternators carry a complete line of Briggs & Stratton starter motors and Briggs & Stratton starters.

Are you looking for small starters? If so, then Briggs & Stratton starters would be your best bet. This company offer certified low-maintenance equipment. Genuine Briggs & Stratton mechanisms that people can buy from our website are assembled to OEM standards. The use of high-quality parts ensures that the unit meets EPA regulations. That’s why thousands of auto repair shops and ordinary buyers order equipment on the OBB online store. With us, people will have no problems with parts compatibility and overpayments.

Briggs & Stratton at Glance

Most small garden equipment manufacturers make snow blowers, lawnmowers, providing a full assembly cycle at the production facilities. But there are also brands engaged in the production of components for such machines and mechanisms. It’s about the American company Briggs & Stratton. This brand’s range contains gasoline generators, snowblowers, but the company does not produce lawnmowers. The Briggs & Stratton team is engaged in the designing of components for this type of equipment, in particular engines.

How to Replace the Equipment?

Starter repair is unlikely to be a challenge. Anyone can cope with this problem, even without experience. Any defective unit can be replaced in 20-30 minutes. The key task is to identify the breakdown and buy the elements that need to be replaced. The most common causes of the problem are as follows:

  • No electrical connection
  • Damaged switch or solenoid 
  • Corroded cleat
  • Worn out or stuck brushes

Replacing Briggs and Stratton starter – Step by Step

Detach the spark plug to replace the engine. In some cases, auto repairmen remove the filter. Next, disassemble the housing to get the unit. Loosen bolts, be careful. When the case is removed, unscrew the cord. Such an element is attached to the pedal. Install the newly purchased unit on the engine and reassemble the mechanism. If the equipment starts up without any problems, the task is successfully solved.

Lawn & Small Equipment with Delivery

Before replacing the starter, people should ensure that this part cannot be repaired. To do this, clean the housing from dust and dirt and check the integrity of elements. If the problem with starting the engine remains, you can contact the OBB online store, and our managers will help you choose the right model for your hand mower. When you buy a new part on our website, please note the following:

  • For all forced-start motors use 3 cycles
  • For 12V models use short cycles (5 seconds)
  • It is worth keeping a minute between start-up cycles

OBB Benefits

Briggs & Stratton is the world's manufacturer of air-cooled engines for different units. It is for this reason that people prefer the products of this brand. We have included Briggs and Stratton starters in our catalog because we understand what the customer needs. Order parts for lawnmowers and other equipment today, and in just a few days you will be able to restore such equipment. We offer advice even to tech-savvy buyers. Moreover, the cost of equipment on the OBB website is much cheaper than in retail stores.