How to test a car starter?


Car starter test

How to test a car starter?

A modern starter is an electromechanical device responsible for starting an internal combustion engine. Both mechanical and electrical faults can cause the failure of this part.

A car starter is a reliable and durable part that, with timely maintenance and careful handling, can serve for many years without breakdowns and the need for repair. In most cases, bad starter symptoms can be noticed early. It will help to timely purchase a new part and install it on the vehicle.


Checking the pinion

To ensure that you have a bad starter in your hands and need to replace it, you need to check the Bendix (gear). In good condition, this part can only rotate in one direction. Remove the Bendix and clamp it in a vice. Next, you need to try scrolling forward and backward. If the gear turns in both directions, it is necessary to replace the Bendix. It is not difficult to rebuild a starter, and the main thing is to buy the required spare parts at an affordable price.


Testing the Electrical System

If the starter motor does not work, then before planning a starter repair, it is necessary to check the electrical part of the EO system. First of all, it is needed to check the contacts' reliability, the fastening of all wires and the starter itself. The battery charge level is also checked. You can turn on the headlights and make sure they are bright and not dim after a few seconds.


Bench Testing Your Starter

The best starter cars are checked very carefully, including the reliability of the electrical system. Starter tests on unique test benches allow you to get a complete picture of a given part's technical condition.

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