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Onan industrial starters


An Onan starter is installed on various types of machines, mechanisms, and other technological equipment that use an internal combustion engine's energy.


This compact device is an integral part of the engine starting system and generates flywheel torque by converting the battery's electrical energy into mechanical rotation of the crankshaft.


Working with maximum loads

During the operation of cars or other equipment, the Onan starter motors only work when the engine started. But the loads that the part is experiencing at this moment are very high.


Therefore, in daily operation, breakdowns and malfunctions often occur, and the Onan engine starter fails. The part can also develop the service life set by the manufacturer, and then an Onan starter replacement will be required.

It is necessary to buy spare parts only from reliable, trusted suppliers.


Profitable proposition

In our specialized online store, each customer can choose a starter for Onan in a set, completely ready for immediate installation on an engine.

The range includes all the main Onan starter parts of various modifications. It allows the system to be repaired without replacing the product.


The managers of the company will help to choose spare parts by searching for the following parameters:

- by a unique number;

- by the parameters of the vehicle or other equipment;

- by the main technical characteristics (including - dimensions).


All parts and components are in stock, and the price of spare parts from us the most profitable and affordable! Manufacturer's warranty included!