How alternators work


Work of alternators

To power, the onboard network of modern cars, use two power sources: rechargeable battery and alternator. The first is used to start the engine, the work of some instruments and devices unwound the car, turn on the alarm.


Car alternators provide various systems and electrical equipment elements with the required amounts of electrical energy. Besides, US alternators, as well as their European, Asian, and other counterparts, are designed to perform the following tasks:

  •  recharging the battery;
  •  food for all consumers under normal conditions;

In extreme situations - joint power supply of the vehicle components and systems with the battery.


Almost all motor vehicle alternators have the same or similar design and principle of operation. Differences can only be associated with the features of the layout and design of a particular car brand. For example, high powered alternators tend to be oversized and heavier. The compactness of the size, which is characterized by the best alternators, is ensured by using the latest parts and elements, new assembly technology.


How the alternator produces electricity


Automotive alternators unlimited, subject to the manufacturer's specifications, start generating electricity as soon as the engine is started. Any, including cheap alternators, work according to the same principle: conversion of mechanical energy obtained from the engine crankshaft rotation into electricity.


How does the alternator charge the battery?


Any checking alternators must show that it is recharging the battery during operation. A special relay-regulator controls the uniformity and sufficiency of this electrical operation. If there is no charging current, it may be necessary to replace the alternators.

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