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The OBB is a direct distributor of accessories and parts for construction or agricultural machinery. On our online store, visitors will find a wide range of original products and compatible parts. We cooperate with hundreds of well-known brands and market leaders, including Cummins. The OBB delivers high-quality parts at no extra cost. As a result, many auto repair shops in the USA have become our permanent partners.

The Cummins at Glance

Cummins is an American corporation that manufactures electrical equipment for special vehicles. It is an internationally recognized brand. Cummins engines can be a part of construction or agricultural equipment, trucks, buses, military, and marine vehicles. The range of models is increasing every year. In our range, you can find Cummins spare parts for skid steer, mini-excavator, and wheel excavator. Drivers and auto mechanics are most frequently looking for Cummins 12v starters. This model is known for its trouble-free operation.

Cummins was founded in 1919. Today, this brand is mostly associated with diesel engines. Although the company produces electric generators and all types of components for such units. Since 2001, this corporation has also been involved in the design and manufacture of alternative fuel engines in cooperation with Canada's Westport.

Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

To run the engine, the Cummins starter motor overcomes the frictional resistance of the crankshaft bearings and pistons compression. For diesel models, the speed required for starting is 100-200 rpm. For gasoline cars, it is lower and usually amounts to 40-100 revolutions per minute. So, models used in diesel units are more powerful. Any starter is a key component after the failure of which it is impossible to run the engine, and, consequently, the vehicle. This is one of the most important elements in the design of the car. This unit life depends on many factors, including the following:

  • Weather 

  • Driving habits

  • Vehicle type

The Cummins starter is most often powered by a DC motor. In cars, buses, and small vans, 12 V is supplied to the dashboard. For trucks, it is 24 V. If we talk about the current, this parameter is about 150-200 A, but there are models that need up to 600 A. The cost of equipment depends on the power of the starter, which is within 0.4-10 kW.

Signs & Causes of Breakdowns

If drivers hear noises when starting the car, or they have freezing, i.e. no response to turning the key in the ignition, these are signals that the unit should be repaired or replaced. Vehicle owners should not postpone because it will be impossible to start the engine. One of the main symptoms is a rumble without turning the crankshaft. In this case, the clutch mechanism is most likely damaged. 

The Cummins Starter Replacement 

How much it costs to repair or replace the Cummins starter depends on the components that are damaged. If drivers contact our store, they will not be disappointed. The OBB offers high-quality auto parts and favorable prices. The most common starter repair is associated with the replacement of the following components:

  1. Starter brushes and bushing 

  2. Rotor or bearing

  3. Overrunning clutch

  4. The electromagnetic switch

If you want to clarify the delivery time or specification for a chosen model, call our managers. The OBB store employees are ready to tell you about all the details. Our company hires only technically competent specialists who know a lot about auto repair. Already today you can be convinced of it. Just call and order a Cummins 12v starter or any other model.