How long do alternators last


Alternator and how long alternators work? 


Alternators are some of the most heavily loaded units used in the construction of modern cars. As a source of electrical energy for an ever-increasing number of consumers, car alternators, in the process of daily operation, experience increased loads, which leads to their gradual wear.


Why do alternators fail


On average, quality power alternators are designed for 120 - 150 thousand kilometers or 4-5 years of vehicle operation. The relatively short service life is explained by the fact that automotive alternators operate in very difficult conditions with constant high loads.


Checking alternators


Checking alternators should be performed periodically to increase the service life of the unit to avoid premature failure. The most susceptible to loads is the electrical part of the product, the traction relay, the collector (relay and brushes), and the Bendix assembly, complete with gear and an overrunning clutch. You must check all these details carefully. If the rebuilt alternators are correct and professional, the electrical system will work flawlessly for the entire service life allocated by the manufacturer.


 How to rebuild alternators


Rebuilding cheap alternators is impractical. Often the cost of repairs will exceed the cost of a new unit. In such cases, a complete replacement of alternators is recommended. If the decision is made to carry out repairs, it is essential to entrust this work only to experienced service stations, where qualified auto mechanics work. You can install used alternators if they are checked by professionals and have the appropriate resource.




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