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Caterpillar Industrial Starters


Installed on trucks and special vehicles, industrial and other power equipment, Caterpillar starters are an example of strength, reliability, and durability.

With their help, it is possible to start engines of various types of vehicles and industrial equipment.


An essential part of the ignition system

In daily operation, the caterpillar starter experiences tremendous stresses associated with converting battery energy into mechanical work.

The task of the owner of a vehicle operating using the energy of an internal combustion engine is to timely service all components and assemblies, and if necessary, to buy spare parts to replace faulty parts timely.


Selection rules

Suppose you need a caterpillar engine starter in the kit. In that case, it is crucial to determine all the main technical parameters and characteristics that the purchased spare part must meet: rated voltage and power, overall dimensions, connection points, rotor direction of rotation, number of teeth, etc.

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