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What is the Kohler starter for?

The starter is the main mechanism for powering the engine. After turning the ignition key, the electric current is transmitted by cables from the battery to the Kohler starter, which creates the initial rotation of the armature and begins to turn the crankshaft at the desired speed. After the engine has started its work further it is powered by energy from the combustion of fuel.
Quality parts ensure comfortable use. In order for the engine to start without interruption, you need to take care of a reliable starter. Kohler Co. has been making engine and generator components for many years for a variety of applications.
Our site offers a selection of different models of Kohler starters with full descriptions of the characteristics. When selecting a starter, pay attention to the number of the old part or ask for help from our managers - they will help you make a purchase. We guarantee:

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Signs and causes of Kohler starter failure


A starter can stop working for a variety of reasons: poor quality parts, environment, high loads, carelessness, etc. It’s often the usual wear of parts such as brushes. This is characteristic of a mechanism that is constantly running, you just need to watch for signs of breakdowns. The main signs of a malfunctioning starter are:

  • Clicking and buzzing, but the starter does not turn;

  • After starting, a metallic sound is heard;

  • The starter turns, but weakly;

  • In general, it does not work.

If one of the items correlates to your problem, diagnose the Kohler starter. The reasons why its work will be disturbed:

  • Oxidation or other damage to the contacts;

  • Badly secured cable terminals;

  • Damage of winding (shorting/breaking);

  • Severe wear of the brushes;

  • Short circuit or breakage of armature winding;

  • Severe bearing wear, you can tell by a loud metallic clatter;

  • Breakage of flywheel teeth;

  • Displacement of the starter due to poor mounting.

  • Possible causes unrelated to the Kohler starter, but affecting its operation:

  • Problems with the ignition system;

  • Discharged battery;

  • Engine problems;

  • Bad or thickened oil




Over time, every part wears out, due to operation, the environment, but timely cleaning and inspection will extend the life of the Kohler starter. It needs proper care as well as quality repairs, so with complex breakdowns, we recommend contacting a specialist. Self-repair will take a lot of time, and the result can be unpredictable.
Many causes can lead to the malfunction of the starter, so from time to time, it’s necessary to carry out preventive cleaning of the engine elements. After removing and disassembling the Kohler starter parts are cleaned of dirt with a soft brush. Place metal parts for 15 minutes in a solvent, wipe off, then leave to dry.
Inspect the parts for scratches, which can be removed with sandpaper. Check the cable terminals for oxidation, they can also be cleaned with sandpaper. Check the threads, they must be undamaged. 


To check the starter, you need to fully charge the battery, have some power wires, a multimeter, and a 12 volt and 100 volt light bulb.

  1. Check the retractor from the battery.

The minus terminal should be connected to the housing, and the plus terminal to the relay. The gear should extend, if not - it means either burned-out winding, or problems with relay contacts, or jammed armature.

  1. Diagnosis of the brushes.

This is done with a 12 volt light bulb. The brushes are diagnosed with a 12-volt bulb. The first end of the power wire should be connected to the Kohler starter housing and the second end to the brush holder. If the light is on, it is time to replace the brushes.

  1. Checking the bendix.

First, you have to hold the body of the overtaking clutch between the brushes, first put on the rubber

  1. Check the winding.

You should connect a 100-volt bulb with two wires to the winding and the housing. If it lights, then the winding is damaged.

      5. Check the armature.

You need to apply 12-volt voltage from the battery not through a relay, but directly to the Kohler starter. If the armature turns, then it’s OK.

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