How to start a car with a bad starter?


Start car with a bad starter

How to start a car with a bad starter?

In the design of any car, a starter is used to start the engine. To ensure that the automatic car starter always reliably and reliably works, it is essential to regularly check its technical condition and maintain the entire vehicle EO system.

Experienced specialists, car service workers know almost all bad starter symptoms and give some important and useful tips to start a car with a bad or poorly working starter.


Check the connections

A bad starter sound often appears due to a trivial reason: during the operation of the car, the connections have become loose, and the contacts have become loose. It is worth checking and tightening all connections.


Check the engine grounds

This operation should be performed first. If a part does not react in any way to the turn of the key in the ignition lock, this does not mean that we have a bad auto starter.


Check the starter solenoid's wire

One of the common causes of a malfunction is a broken or not fixed solenoid wire. Sometimes it is enough to restore its operability, and reliable engine start will be restored.


Check for corrosion

The corrosive process can lead to the loss of contacts in different places and connections. It is necessary to remove the part, disassemble it and thoroughly clean it from oxides and rust.


Tapping the starter with a hammer

Some "masters" advise this method as an option to get rid of the oxidation of contacts, sticking them together. It can work, but, at most, once.


Jump-start the car

This method is only suitable for cars with a manual transmission. A variator, automatic or hybrid, does not leave such an opportunity to the motorist.


Bypass the starter relay

You can try to apply a starting current bypassing the starter relay that does not operate. But this option is dangerous: faulty wiring can damage the car's ECU!


Push start the car

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