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About Cub Cadet Starters

Obbstarterandalternators online store specializes in selling quality spare parts for cars, marine, agricultural and special equipment.

The store is located in the USA and sells spare parts and units to any country. 

Cub Cadet Starter Motor has a large stock of spare parts, which allows for the fast delivery of the purchased goods to the recipient.

Direct cooperation with the manufacturer of spare parts allows us to set reasonable prices and guarantee the products' impeccable quality.

The Cub Cadet are renowned for their durability and have proven themselves to be practical for many owners.

Cub Starter category of parts provides direct access to top-quality parts and assemblies.


Cub cadet starter parts fully comply with technical devices and standards produced for the American market.

Thanks to them you can carry out professional repairs of almost any equipment.

Starter for Cub Cadet - choose the best

Intensive exploitation trimmers, lawn mowers, and snow plows often lead to their breakdown.

Repairing equipment can be a real problem, choose quality equipment and parts to prevent this from happening.

You can buy a Starter for Cub Cadet lawn mower available only in «Obb Starter and Alternators» specialized stores that sell spare parts for any equipment.

It is always available and a wide assortment of Cub Cadet Starters, which allows you to quickly eliminate the malfunction that has to appear and fully restore the equipment.

Why doesn't the CUB CADET starter work?

There are a number of reasons why the Cub Cadet starter can't work, but not all of them are caused by a broken starter, such as:

  • Faulty ignition switch contacts;

  • Dead battery;

  • Oxidation or defective contacts.

These defects can be repaired without affecting the starter itself. But a breakdown in the starter itself requires its removal for repair:

  • Worn brushes;

  • Breakage of the armature winding;

  • Damage to the armature collector.

How do I check the CUB CADET starter?

Battery test. For diagnostics it must be fully charged, voltmeter must show 12.7 V. To check negative battery cell, attach black voltmeter wire and positive battery cell voltmeter red wire.

Cable inspection. Remove the battery, examine the cables and terminals, and if necessary, remove them from corrosion by sanding, clean and intact. Also, check the solenoids that are attached directly to the starter for oxidation.

Relay check. A negative battery terminal must be connected to the body of the device and a positive terminal must be connected to the relay itself. If the gears of the bending move with a characteristic click, the relay is in good condition.

Check the armature. To do this you must apply 12 volts not through the relay, but directly to the Cub Cadet Starter. It should turn, if not, you need to check the winding and the brushes.

Check the brushes. Connect the brush holder to one of the wires of a 12-volt bulb, the second lead to the housing, the light bulb lights up indicates a breakdown in the protection and the brush must be replaced.

Checking the winding. The principle is the same as with the brushes, only the bulb must be 100 volts. Connect one end to the lead of the winding and the other end to the housing. If the bulb lights up - there is a breakdown, it also needs to be replaced.