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Tilt Trim Motor

Trim Tilt Motors

Many watercraft owners purchase a tilt trim motor to increase the reliability and efficiency of the power unit.


Principle of operation

Almost any boat has only three main controls: steering wheel, throttle, and trim switch. Most owners in boat control use just a pedal and a steering wheel. Still, it is the trim tilt of the vessel in the longitudinal plane) that can significantly improve the operational parameters. When the boat is cruising, the propeller shaft is parallel to the water's surface, and this position is considered neutral, and all the driving force is directed to propel the boat forward.


Benefits of Using Trim Tilt Motor

Using the tilt and trim motor, you can control the change in the driving force's angle of direction.


And this allows you to influence such parameters as: directly

- the sliding angle of the vessel;

- maximum speed;

- maneuverability and controllability;

- fuel consumption (efficiency).


Features of control of a watercraft

Outboards with trim and tilt controls are highly sought after by experienced boaters. Control, adjustment of the position of the outboard is carried out by lightly pressing the switch.


The deflection angle must be adjusted in the following cases:

- at the moment of start;

- if the glassing mode is used;

- on bends, sharp bends;

- at the moment of exiting the airing mode;

- to compensate for weather conditions and ship loading.


Selection features

In the process of the daily operation of a marine vehicle, the power trim is subjected to enormous stress. In some cases, the device breaks down and may require repair. If it is impossible to restore the unit's operation, a tilt trim motor replacement is planned.

Even greater efficiency when driving a vehicle on the water is possible thanks to using an automatic control system, balancing the boat.

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