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Mercury Marine in a nutshell

Mercury Marine has extensive experience in the production of marine engines. Through continuous improvement in technology as well as quality workmanship, the company has earned trust among its customers. Mercruiser engine features include:

  • Power;

  • Low fuel requirements;

  • Minimum emissions.

Mercruiser starter motor

One of the key elements of the engine is the starter motor. It is the one that powers the entire mechanism through rotation during the power transfer from the battery. 

Boat engine operation is burdened by the conditions in which it needs to operate. In order for the electrical mechanism not to fail, it must be protected from water and be corrosion resistant. 

The assurance of engine reliability is the assurance of every part of the engine. The Mercruiser starter was designed to operate in an aquatic environment and is provided with the necessary water protection for long life. 

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On the site, you can easily and quickly select the necessary part, and if necessary you have an opportunity to ask for consultation online. Convenient site navigation, detailed descriptions, and our help will not let you make a mistake in choosing the right part. We stand behind every customer with a quality service, one-year warranty, and free shipping throughout the continental United States.

What are the symptoms of a faulty boat starter?


  1. Severe heating.

The first sign of Mercruiser starter failure is overheating. You shouldn’t ignore this problem. A timely technical inspection will allow you to fix the breakdown in advance before it becomes a serious problem. 

  1. Strong noise when starting.

If you hear a loud noise like a clicking or whirring noise, it indicates that the Mercruiser starter motor is damaged. This is caused by insufficient electrical power, which is not enough for the starter motor to grip the flywheel for further operation.
It is possible that the teeth of the flywheel itself (or the pinion) may be broken or worn, causing the pinion to rub against the flywheel, creating an unpleasant sound.

  1. The boat will not start at all.

When you start the engine, the current from the battery is transferred to the starter, thereby starting it, after which it begins to rotate the flywheel, and the flywheel spins the crankshaft.  The engine begins to consume fuel and further operation takes place without the starter. If the engine doesn’t start, it indicates a problem with the starter or the battery. In such cases, you need to check the battery charge, the cables, and the starter itself.

The key to choosing a boat Mercruiser starter motor

There is a perception that a car starter motor will work for a boat, but this is not the case. They may look very similar, but a car starter is not designed to work in a marine environment, unlike a boat starter. The Mercruiser starter motor is made of corrosion-resistant materials and has better protection in the form of seals and gaskets.

To find the right Mercruiser starter for your boat there are two options:

  • Enter the number of the starter in the special search box (the number is usually located on the hull or written on the label of the device). 

  • Find the right model in the search menu, which contains different categories with the parameters you need.

How to replace the Mercruiser 3.0 starter?

Important: When working on the boat's engine, follow all safety precautions.

The starter is usually located on the flywheel housing side next to the crankshaft. So, the algorithm for removing the starter: 

  1. Isolate the starter from the electrical current: turn off the mains/ disconnect the battery, most importantly make sure the cables are de-energized;

  2. Then disconnect all cables that are connected to the starter;

  3. Unscrew the bolts that fasten the unit to the flywheel (usually 3 pieces);

  4. Take out the old starter.

To install the new Mercruiser starter, you need to follow the same steps, but in reverse order:

  1. Place the starter in the engine;

  2. Bolt it to the flywheel;

  3. Connect the terminals of the wires;

  4. Connect to the battery;

  5. Apply grease to the cables and terminals to protect against corrosion;

  6. Test drive the new Mercruiser 3.0 starter.