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Any generator is battery-powered equipment that is indispensable for the engine. If this mechanism is damaged, the driver can't start their car and charge the battery. Even if people prefer Prestolite Electric that is a leading global manufacturer, such incidents can happen. Most generators of this brand that charge the battery while the vehicle is in motion are driven by an auxiliary belt (V-belt). If such equipment breaks down, the no-charge indicator on the dashboard will light up. In any such case, when it can’t be repaired, you can order units on the OBB Starters and Alternators website. We offer high-quality services to every driver, including prompt delivery across the continental United States.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Generator?

With the OBB online store, you never overpay. The cost of repairing this unit depends on the car brand and the availability of spare parts on the market. With our wide range, drivers have no problems in this regard. All elements that need to be replaced, they can buy with delivery. The most common parts that can fail are stator, rotor, rectifier diodes, brush holder with brushes, or voltage regulator. The cost of repair also includes the cost of removing the old alternator and installing the new one. If you order a Prestolite alternator, you should also add repair services in your city to the cost. 

Alternator Problems — 5 Signs of Breakage

If you order equipment on our website, be sure that you can consult with a professional who knows a lot about auto repair. We employ tech-savvy specialists who will not only help each driver to choose the Prestolite alternator but also tell them about typical breakdowns. Of course, people can prevent overpayment if the problem is detected in a timely manner. Here are the most common signs:

  1. The charging indicator does not light on when the ignition key is turned on (with the engine off). Maybe the bulb on the board has burned out or the electrical path in the meter is broken. But, in any case, drivers will have to consult an experienced electrician. It is better to go to the MOT as soon as possible to avoid short circuits and other incidents.

  2. The battery is draining not as slow as we would like. If you ignore this problem, their car stalls along the way. A short circuit may cause such a fail, so the battery cannot be recharged while driving due to an inefficient alternator. If such incidents happen, it is worth checking the integrity of the wiring and cleaning the starter housing from dirt. This is best done by an experienced auto mechanic.

  3. The charging indicator is constantly on or flashing. This is the most common sign that your alternator has failed. The special bulb or diode lights up when the charging voltage is not within 13.8-14.5V. This means the generator is ineffective. Just order Prestolite alternator on our website and install it by visiting MOT.

  4. Increasing the headlights of the brightness when drivers press the gas pedal. If the light changes by engine speed up - it’s the alternator problem. This is a very specific sign of a breakdown, even for experienced and tech-savvy drivers. As a rule, at low engine speeds, such a problem is almost impossible to identify. 

  5. The driver hears a noise under the hood that increases with engine speeds up. Such a problem occurs when the bearings are damaged. In this case, it is better not to hesitate but to call into the MOT in order to change the worn-out part. Moreover, people can order any spare parts with delivery on the OBB online store.

Where to Repair a Damaged Alternator?

Any Prestolite alternator is equipment that is most often repaired by an experienced car mechanic. If drivers are not tech-savvy, they should turn to professionals who can distinguish the signs of a breakdown. You can also get advice online from an expert who will tell you in detail about the specifics of replacing. The OBB managers willn’t only help you to choose the right spare part but also tell you in detail about the features of a specific model of electrical equipment. Call us today and you will definitely not be disappointed.