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Caterpillar Alternator

In the modern market of power equipment, units, parts, and assemblies of electrical equipment systems installed on different brands and models of vehicles, including trucks, Caterpillar Alternators, are considered undoubted leaders.

These units of a well-known American brand with a worldwide reputation are in high demand in America and in many countries of the world, where prompt deliveries of demanded equipment are made.




Caterpillar alternators, like any other similar units, is designed to ensure reliable operation of all structural elements of the vehicle electrical system:

- headlights and lanterns;

- dashboards, interior lighting;

- electric motors installed in the different parts and systems of vehicles;

- sensors, control devices, navigation systems, and much more.


When operating any mode of transport, it is important that the Caterpillar 3126 alternator provides a stable battery charge. Only in this case can the vehicle be considered fully technically sound and ready for immediate operation.


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