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Motorcycle alternators


Motorcycle alternator function

The motorcycle alternator has one of the most important functions in the operation of the vehicle, namely the power supply system. When electricity enters the winding of the rotor, it begins to rotate, thereby creating magnetic flux, which generates alternating current when crossing the stator winding, and later it becomes direct current. If the battery voltage becomes lower than that of the engine (during intensive use), the alternator takes over the function of supplying the winding and all the motorcycle's electrical system.

A good-quality alternator will protect your motorcycle from permanent damage. Statistically, the most frequent problem is precisely a problem with the electrical system, often involving batteries and alternators. A careful approach and quality components will save your motorcycle from constant diagnoses and repairs. Using the right oil, constantly changing brushes, and checking cables for oxidation will extend the life of your motorcycle alternator and give you a comfortable ride.

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Causes and symptoms of motorcycle alternator failure


  • The most common cause is corrosion/wear;

  • Environmental influences (water, dirt, fine debris, temperature, etc.)

  • Infrequent maintenance or improper operation;

  • Poor quality alternator and components;

  • High loads.

The first indications of problems with the motorcycle alternator are atypical noises (rattling, squealing, knocking), inconsistent operation with high loads, electrical interruptions. In such cases, technical inspection is mandatory.

Types of motorcycle alternator failures


Among the main breakdowns of the alternator, there are mechanical and electrical damages. In order to identify a mechanical breakdown can not even disassemble the machine itself, in contrast to the electrical.


  • The most obvious and noticeable is a crack in the housing or a broken alternator cover.

  • Piles or foreign objects, oil leaks - lead to the failure of the electrics of the motorcycle.

  • Bearing misalignment can cause damage to the rotor, stator, and the housing itself.


  • Severe wear on the brushes (they should be checked first).

  • Dirt or oxidation on contact rings.

  • Among the most frequent motorcycle alternator failures is a faulty diode bridge. Clearly, the problem can be identified by black spots and signs of melting. To identify its specific source of failure, you need to check separately each diode with a multimeter (but often its diode bridge is replaced completely).

  • If the voltage when starting the engine is below normal - the problem is in the starter coil. 

  • Breakage of the winding or short circuit of the rotor, you can also check with a multimeter.

Is it worth doing the repair yourself?


A motorcycle alternator is a very important and complex mechanism, an independent repair is appropriate only if you know: the principle of alternator operation, construction, features of your motorcycle model. The process of removing, disassembling, and installing the alternator is very complex and requires certain professional skills. During independent operation, there is a risk of damaging the parts and unempowering the back assembly (not to mention that the process of such repair itself will take a huge amount of time).

To avoid damaging the entire electrical system of your motorcycle, without the proper knowledge and experience you should go to a specialist. Another option is to immediately purchase a reliable motorcycle alternator. This doesn’t preclude a timely maintenance inspection, but problems with the alternator will occur much less frequently.