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Mahindra alternator demanded an EO unit.

Mahindra alternator is in high demand among a wide range of car owners. This unit is the most essential component of the tractor power supply system and ensures the operation of a reasonably large number of units and systems. In addition, the efficient operation of the generator allows you to maintain the battery's performance and recharge. The result is a quick and reliable start of the tractor engine regardless of weather and climatic conditions.


Main components - Mahindra alternators

Mahindra tractor alternator converts the mechanical rotational energy generated by the internal combustion engine into electrical energy necessary for the practical operation of the vehicle. Many nodes and systems are powered by electricity precisely due to the operation of an alternator.


This assembly consists of the following Mahindra parts:

- body with lid;

- impeller;

- pulley, shaft, bearing roller;

- rotor and stator;

- brushes;

- regulator.


Profitable proposition - Mahindra alternator replacement

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