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Most Mercury and Force vehicle owners prefer flawless engine performance. That is why they use tilt trim equipment that meets OEM specifications.  Our OBB Starters and Alternators store sells Mercury trim motors for an affordable price. Our units help keep the boat at the perfect angle. We work with brands that are constantly innovating to improve vehicle performance on the water and get fuel economy. This is the reason why our website visitors are never disappointed. It's about boat owners and repairmen. You can read what clients write in reviews of our store to make sure that we are one of the best suppliers in the USA.

Specific Use of Equipment & Our Benefits

Any voyage on water requires the keeping of proper boat conditions. This fact is unlikely to be denied by anyone. With the Mercury trim motor, people can tilt their engine to prevent damage when loading the boat onto a trailer. Such incidents often happen with beginners. But everyone who buys equipment on the OBB Starters and Alternators website is unlikely to have any problems in this regard. Our tilt trim motors make your boat more water-stable, giving the driver more control over the vehicle. Just read the OBB customer reviews to verify this fact. Most motors with such units are 12V DC reversible models. Here are the main reasons to buy such equipment on the OBB Starters and Alternators website:

  • Our company prefers to cooperate only with well-known brands. Such manufacturers add high-quality brushes and bushings. This means that the trim motor will last 3-5 years.

  • Equipment quality complies with SAE J1171 and ISO8847. Often this is the main requirement from the boat’s owner during the repair. With OBB, all such technical nuances will not reduce the promptness of equipment replacement.

  • Heavy-duty relays and valves included. With our online store, you willn’t be confused during repairs. We send to every customer not only accessories but also detailed guides. Just unpack the box, and you can start installing the Mercury trim motor.

When it's time to install the tilt trim motor, you should go through the installation guide. First, find one green and one blue wire that carries power to raise and lower the engine. It is important not to mix up the polarities. In some models, manufacturers add a gray ground wire. Review the guide carefully so as not to be mistaken. Since our kits include fittings, the installation will not take more than 1 hour. Just follow the manufacturer's recommendations, even if you're inexperienced.

How to Check the Health of Electrical Equipment?

To check the health of the electric motor, bypassing the relay, find two thick wires from the engine. One is green and the other is blue. Most manufacturers prefer quick-release couplings. So, you only have to remove the equipment from the pendant housing. Next, check the voltage with a multi voltmeter. The voltage may differ for each manufacturer. The specific parameters are listed in the instructions for the parts.

Buying Spare Parts With Delivery

When it comes to boat repair, guessing which part to buy is not the best method. This is because any lack of professionalism is fraught with additional costs. So, many auto repair workers turn to a professional. Just consult with our team to get your boat spare parts quickly and efficiently replaced. Here are the key principles of our company:

  • With years of expertise, we never disappoint even the most meticulous auto mechanics

  • We check the quality of the equipment before sending the purchase to the recipient

  • The OBB use multiple warehouses in different regions of the United States, which makes our delivery as efficient as possible

  • We prefer constantly updating the range on our website

  • The OBB work without intermediation, so we offer affordable prices

The OBB Starters and Alternators team is committed to offering the best rates and services. Stay tuned for the latest Mercury trim motors. Just subscribe to the newsletter or visit the OBB website more often. We hire technically competent managers who are always ready to help in the selection of spare parts. Call and ask your questions to our operator at any time convenient for you. We look forward to advantageous cooperation.