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Any starter is a mechanism used to run an internal combustion engine. Karol Franklin Kettering who was born in 1876 in Lyndonville, USA invented such a system that replaced the crank analog. Electric starters which are powered by a battery are most commonly used in Honda cars. The internal combustion engine consumes a lot of energy but starts up in a few seconds. Such specificity of operation does not exclude failure after several years. So, the services of our store, which offers to buy a Honda starter for any model of this auto concern, are in great demand.

The first sign of Honda starter failure. The starter doesn’t start when you turn the ignition key. Let's look at the 6 most common causes of malfunction.

The 6 most common causes of Honda starter failure

  1. Oxidation of the contacts. In this case, the starter before the final breakdown gives some signs. For example, it begins to work poorly or makes strange noises. This happens because of poor current conduction. Cleaning the contacts will help to eliminate the breakdown.

  2. The second cause of the breakdown is a malfunction in the electrical circuit controlling the starter Honda. This can be caused by damaged electrical wiring, a broken starter relay, or ignition switch. In this case, it is recommended to immediately contact a specialist who has knowledge and experience in auto electrics.

  3. Failure of the retractor relay.

  4. Failure of the brush assembly. If the other causes of Honda starter failure are excluded, it is very likely that the brush unit has worn out. To know for sure, the starter must be removed and visually inspect the brushes for wear.

  5. Damage to the starter windings and armature. This is done with a special device that shows electrical resistance. If the resistance is high, most likely there is a hole in the starter winding.

  6. Damage to the teeth of the bendix and flywheel crown. This failure can happen to any car as it is used for a long time and is independent of external factors. Determine this breakdown can already be at the start of the starter Honda, which can emit a strong rattle.

These are not all causes of breakdowns. In some cases, they can be several at once, then it will be more advantageous to buy a starter Honda and not waste time and effort on repairs.

Our Benefits

Our starters are 100% OEM compliant. We supply only certified products. Experienced drivers can replace any original starter without modification. Each part has a double-sealed housing that effectively protects the electrical wires from dirt and moisture. If you are tech-savvy, consider the following distinctive characteristics:
1. This manufacturer prefers high-quality magnets and 100% copper, which guarantees high efficiency when starting the engine.
2. Any Honda starter has copper bushings and bearings that ensure the long service life
3. Each product that people can buy on OBB Starters and Alternators store is tested for quality and tightness

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Any starter is a vehicle electrical system. The serviceability of such parts will affect the performance of the vehicle. So, everyone who decides to buy a starter for Honda should pay special attention to the service and product certification. If the voltage and current do not match, the equipment may fail.

Testing of electrical and electronic parts must be carried out by a reputable service department. Installation in non-specialized workshops may void the warranty. The complaint will only be considered if the part is assembled as indicated in the manufacturer's recommendations.
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