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2005 Honda Accord starter

Car operation periodically brings unpleasant surprises, in particular 2005 Honda Accord starter problems. As soon as during operation starter for Honda Accord 2005 extraneous noises, scrolling, clicks, or a burning smell is heard, repair or 2005 Honda Accord starter replacement will be required.

For the owner of a prestigious car model from a Japanese manufacturer, it is important to know that the 2005 Honda Accord starter location is located in the engine compartment. This information makes it possible to quickly identify the signs of a breakdown and take the necessary measures to replace a broken unit or spare part.

Replacing a 2005 honda accord starter

If you understand the structure of the Honda engine and you already have experience conducting repairs, you can replace the starter yourself. From the tools, you will need a ratchet wrench and a blowgun.

Step 1. It’s not safe to work with the battery on, so first, disconnect the negative cable and move it aside so there is no risk of contact.

Step 2. Remove the engine cover by unscrewing the two 10ml bolts.

Step 3. Remove the intake manifold. To do this unscrew the 3 bolts and 2 nuts at the top with a 12 gauge ratchet. Then there is another support bracket that is on the very bottom. To get to it, bend the radiator hose. Now, you can grab the manifold body and pull it toward the radiator. To make it easier for you to work, gently secure it with a cord.

Step 4. Removing the 2005 honda accord starter. Disconnect the signal wire. Take out the detonation sensor, then peel off the rubber cover that holds the main power cable and unscrew the 12ml nut. Then unscrew the long 14ml bolt on top and the 17ml bolt on the bottom. Now you can remove the starter.

Step 5. Place the new 2005 honda accord starter in place and fasten the bolts by first screwing them in by hand, then using a tool. Connect all wires, in this order: power supply, detonation sensor, and small wire.

Step 6. Replace the manifold gasket, put the body back. Tighten all the bolts and nuts by hand to make sure everything comes together and then use a pneumatic gun and ratchet.

Step 7. Put on motor cover, tighten bolts.

Step 8. Connect the negative battery cable.

Selecting the starter

An equally important process in fixing the car is the selection of parts. The 2005 honda accord starter determines whether the engine will start or not, so if you install low-quality components, you will soon have to replace it again. Save time and money by buying the original starter immediately and with proper care, it will last for many years.

The surest way to find the right 2005 honda accord starter is to look at the number of the old one. It can be found on the housing or in the documentation for the unit. The second option is by the vehicle identification number. Even if both options don't fit, you can customize the filters on our site to the characteristics of your particular vehicle.

The OBB online store provides a potential buyer with the opportunity to purchase a suitable one in all respects 2005 starter Honda Accord. The buyer receives a guarantee from the manufacturer. When buying, you can count on the best 2005 Honda Accord starter price, and the transportation of purchased parts is carried out to any state.

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  • 4 Cyl. 2.4L 2354cc
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