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1996 Honda Civic starter

The device responsible for starting the engine in any vehicle is the starter. Several types of starters are installed on Japanese cars Honda Civic starter 1996.
On a gearbox model, less energy is consumed when starting the engine, but the components are more complex and expensive to repair. In a modification without a gearbox, the units are more straightforward and more accessible to operation and maintenance. Still, they have a shorter service life, after its completion, it will be required 1996 Honda Civic starter replacement.

Another factor affecting this part's performance will be the very principle of starting the engine in a car, namely 1996 Honda Civic starter location, the location of the unit in the space under the hood.

In continuous operation starter for Honda Civic 1996 it works with increased load. This may cause certain malfunctions and 1996 Honda Civic starter problems.

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  • 4 Cyl. 1.6L 1590cc