5 Tips Before Replacing Your Starter


Tip #1:          Before purchasing a new starter, be sure your starter really does not work. You can test your starter using a load tester or voltmeter.

Tip #2:          Check to see that your battery is fully charged and that your battery terminals are clean and tight. Check your battery cables. There should be no sign of corrosion or deterioration. Replace if needed.

Tip #3:          Look at your fuses and check that your fuses are functional.

Tip #4:          Lastly, look at the wire connections leading to your starter. All wires should be in good condition and show no sign of overheating. Replace if needed.

Tip #5:          Once you have reviewed the tips above, it will indicate whether or not you need a new starter or just have to tighten or replace some of the above mentioned components. As with all our recommendations, OBB Starters and Alternators, always suggest parts be tested and replaced by a professional.